Here at Torque Consulting we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to help provide the very best services that you would expect from us.

On the 25th May 2018 Data Protection laws are changing, so we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to give you both control and peace of mind. The General Data Protection Regulation has been developed to provide you with more information regarding your rights over what data we hold and what you share with us. Not only that, but also more transparency regarding how we use this data to assist you with your future career needs.

At Torque Consulting we collect information, such as your CV to help manage your job search and future career plans, to personalise your experience of our company and services and to inform you of upcoming opportunities, reward schemes, news and information that we feel may be of interest to you. We will only share information with our chosen clients to assess your suitability to their company and job opportunities.

We will not share or pass on your information for marketing purposes to any company outside our group. From time to time we would like to contact you with details of other specific opportunities we think would be of interest to you and to gain feedback on our service.

What you can expect from our Privacy Policy

  • Our Privacy Policy will always be simple and clear with no jargon.
  • We will always be honest and open with you about how we collect, store and share your data.
  • Your choices and rights will be detailed and explained.
  • We will never sell your data to third parties.
  • We will protect your data and keep it safe.
  • You are always in control of your data through our opt out policy.
  • We will respect your wishes should you choose to opt out.

If for some reason you no longer consent for us to contacting you for this purpose please email us at:

How we obtain your information

We collect your data from a number of sources. We work with well-known and trusted job boards that also comply with the latest GDPR regulations. These job boards are services where you have actively chosen to upload your CV to so would be anticipating a response. Our website tracks traffic and monitors visitor interactions. We collect data you have chosen to upload to our website and by choosing to share this information with us via our site you are agreeing to our data privacy policy. Our social media pages are platforms you can choose to interact with. We obtain information from comments, ‘likes’, subscribes, competition entries and such. When interacting with our social media platforms you are agreeing to our data privacy policy. LinkedIn is an open network where we actively approach and head hunt talented individuals. The data we can view and source from LinkedIn will depend on the privacy settings you have applied to your account. If you have an open account, we will be able to see your name and any other details you have chosen to display. If you have approached us via LinkedIn, our website, email, WhatsApp or any of our social media platforms including but not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy unless you inform us otherwise. If we have approached you via any of the above platforms/methods and you do not wish for us to retain your information, please email us at;

Information we get from other companies;

If you have actively chosen to upload your CV with one of our job board partners, the information you provide to them is protected by their GDPR policy listed on their website. The way this information is shared and stored is secure and only accessible through log-in and password encrypted systems by our trained staff. This information helps us build a picture of you and your requirements, so we can tailor our service to you and provide you with the most relevant jobs solutions as well as the great service you’d expect.

What Information do we collect from you?

We only collect relevant information to assist us with your job search. We collect CV’s from trusted job boards we partner with (where you have uploaded your CV by choice), these companies also adhere to the new GDPR guidelines. We collect personal details such as your name, DOB, current address and contact information. Career information such as present and past employers, current and previous salary along with educational background information. We collect reference information should you proceed through our process.

Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information to assist in finding you the right job and next step in your career. We also collect this information, so we can inform you of any future opportunities we feel may legitimately interest or benefit you. We use the information to assess your suitability for the requirements of our clients and the job roles they have in their businesses. We use this information to tailor our approach and to make sure we are providing you with the best possible service. At times we may ask you to rate our service, so we can improve/adapt our approach to what you want and/or need from a recruitment company representing you.

Who might we share your information with?

Due to the nature of our business and our role in your job search we will share (specifically selected and relevant) some of your details with our client companies. Client companies are companies we partner with in order to find you a specific new job role. We share this data, so the client can assess your initial suitability for the role and their business prior to any interview processes taking place. We only share your data with our chosen clients. We share information from your CV and career history/qualifications, salary requirements and career aspirations to best ascertain your suitability for the job roles they have within their business. We will never share your information for marketing purposes with any third- party businesses outside of our group.

If you no longer consent to us sharing your details for these purposes, please email us at;

What do we do with your information?

Your information and CV securely uploaded and stored on our system ( so we can accurately track and log where you are in the process. We can then document any conversations we have had and any meetings and/or interviews you may have with us or our chosen clients to make sure we manage your job search to your expectations. Our system is secure, the data within it encrypted and only accessible to our staff with password logins. We do not distribute (nor print) paper copies of this information nor do we have accessible platforms where our clients can view sensitive or personal data about you. We take security and your personal data very seriously. We will also from time to time ask you for feedback in regard to our service so we can improve and keep up-to-date with what you want from a recruitment company. This information is used only by our business and is never shared or sold to third parties.

How long do we hold your information for?

We hold your information for 3 years (unless you specify otherwise). We feel this is a proportionate time to assist you in your current job search, astatine whether you feel that company is right for you and help you in any future career progression plans. Should you wish to opt out of this please email us at;

How can you access the information we hold on you?

Should you at any time wish to establish what information we currently hold for you please feel free to contact us at; and we will happily provide you with the information you require. Please contact us via email and we will provide all information within 30 business days of your request. We hope you find all this information easy to understand. Should you require any further assistance or have any questions about how we keep your information safe please call or email us at;

Your rights;

You have the right to opt out and withdraw your consent to us retaining your data at any point if you no longer wish us to assist you with your career. You can also choose to update or change any information we have at any point, should your information change. You have the right to request we amend your data or erase it at any point. We have a legal obligation to comply with GDPR law and guidelines to keep your information safe and secure and you in control. Should you object to this Torque Consulting will no longer be able to provide you with a service. If you have any concerns about our service or processing of your data that is based on our legal obligations and our legitimate interest in your information, please contact us at;